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Frequently Asked Questions

Which elements can I mix in my shows?
You can mix voice recordings, file uploads (your own jingles for instance), AI voiceovers, jingles from the AI Jingle Maker and of course your favourite songs, all in mp3 format.
How much does it cost to use the AI Show Maker?
You can test it for free and then purchase a pack of show credit exports. Your purchase also unlocks access to the voice recorder and the file uploader and you receive a free allocation of AI voiceover credits.
How long are my AI voiceover and show export credits valid?
Short answer: they never expire!
Is the AI Show Maker compatible with the AI Jingle Maker? How do I switch between them?
Yes, it is. Both are connected. Which means that you can login on both platforms using the same credentials. The jingles created on the AI Jingle Maker will be available to you in the jingle module of the AI Show Maker.
Is the payment secure?
Yes, we're using Paddle to process your payment.
How long can my shows be?
We cap each export at 75 minutes, for performance purposes. But you can of course export multiple segments and stitch them together if you need longer exports.
Can I use those MP3 shows on my radio or podcast?
Yes of course! Or for any other media activity. Be creative! Remember though that you have to comply with the local and international copyright laws.